With a passion for people and a drive for outstanding connections, we help Startups, SME’s and innovative blue-chip companies to recruit top talents in Australia. We have a range of talent acquisition services to help you succeed in your recruitment needs. 

Benefits for everyone

What is an internship?

An intern is a student hired full-time by a company, up to 6 months, in order to apply his/her academic knowledge in a real business environment. An internship agreement is signed between the host company, the student and his/her university to define the relationship between the 3 parties.

Benefits for the company

  • Delegate tactical parts of work and have more time to focus on strategic issues.
  • Affordable resources allowing to keep activities in-house and onshore.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable workforce coming from the best universities worldwide, motivated by a professional experience in Australia.
  • GenY pair of eyes on the business.

Benefits for students

  • Gain invaluable professional experience abroad.
  • Fulfill University requirements (many European Universities ask students to have professional experiences in order to get school credits).
  • Discover a new country, a new culture and a new working environment.
  • Find out main areas of interest to steer their career towards the right direction. 

This is how we work

Our recruitment process for interships


  • Understand your needs

  • Confirm your company’s eligibility to welcome interns

  • Establish the internship offer

  • Define project deadline and commercial details.


  • Display offer within our network

  • Run onshore and offshore research

  • Screen candidates

  • Give you regular updates


  • Assess and short-list the best candidates

  • Organise interviews with top applicants

  • Enter an internship agreement with your selected candidate(s)


  • Support the onboarding (gather student reference) and relocation process as required (insurance, visa, flights, accommodation, etc)

  • Get the interns up and running their first day @ work!

  • Monthly catch up with the intern and internship supervisor

  • Management of allowance/stipends.

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