Candidate Testimonials: From Intern to Colleague – A success candidate story in the sports industry



Carla is one of our valuable candidates who has successfully converted her six-month internship into a full-time role. Read the journey of Carla and what she has to say about working with Australiance Talent.

Could you please tell us your current role at PlaySport? 

I’m currently working as a Business Development Executive at PlaySport – a company that promotes the activation of sport, recreation and wellness activities. I first started working as an intern, focusing on the growth of social media and business opportunities. Six months later, the internship was turned into a full-time role. In addition to digital marketing, I’m now in charge of building and nurturing customer relationships, as well as supporting them to achieve their goals.

How did you manage to land the role?

Back then, I just quitted my previous job and was looking for some new opportunities which were more in line with what I wanted. I was fortunate to meet Leo – Founder of Australiance and shared my desire for gaining work experience. As I’m a person who leads an active life and is keen on sports in general, Leo found the match between my personality and PlaySport. Then he suggested this internship opportunity and recommended me to the CEO of PlaySport. It was a great match.

Are there any challenges you faced during the process of seeking job opportunities?

Definitely. I went through many job interviews during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not to mention, the process was even harder and more frustrating for me as not all employers are willing to hire international students. That’s why working with Australiance Talent helped me increase the chances of obtaining jobs.

What exactly did Australiance Talent offer to assist you to score the internship?

They do a great job in connecting potential candidates to the right employers. During my job-seeking process, they were very helpful in recommending me suitable job opportunities, providing comprehensive context about the employers so that I could polish my resume accordingly, as well as useful feedback for me to improve my interviews.

An internship is a great start and a stepping stone to a successful career. I am glad and grateful for the internship opportunity offered by Australiance Talent. It has led me to the exact career journey which I’d like to pursue.

Could you please share valuable take-aways for you from your internship?

The relationships I formed with my colleagues but from a more professional perspective. Never underestimate the importance of a good relationship with your clients. And learn about the audience you are targeting. 

What would you recommend to someone who is looking for an internship?

An internship is definitely a rewarding experience. To everyone seeking an internship out there, please try to be as organised as possible, speak up, take initiative and get involved in the industry of your business.

Are you a student looking for an internship?

Are you looking to hire an intern?

Australiance Talent is a consulting and talent acquisition firm that enables international companies and professionals to realize their potential in the Asia Pacific. 

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