Candidate Testimonial – How Australiance helped Bhoomika to Find a Job in her Area of Interest



Today, Bhoomika shares her experience of how we helped her prepare for the perfect interview for her dream job.

Today, Bhoomika shares her experience of how we helped her prepare for the interview to bag her dream job. Here are the key details from our conversation:

Can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Bhoomika and I just landed the position as Account Executive for the company.

Can you tell us about the recruitment process with Australiance?

It was an amazing experience with the Australiance team. I was referred to this position by a friend of mine and I reached out to Pooja. I had just have a couple of meetings with her. She explained to me about the position and then she told me a little bit about the company and the person who is going to do the final recruitment process. So it was pretty easy for me.

What aspect of the recruitment process has brought you the greatest satisfaction?

It was a friendly approach. Pooja gave me all her advice and wishes. She was supportive and that gave a real boost. What pleased me most was the fact that the team is responsive anytime I have a question.

Was there anything about our service that surprised you the most compared to the other interview that you have done before with the recruiter from our team?

Pooja prepared me well. She was cheerful and always supported me mentally like ‘I can do it’ as I was a bit worried before the interview. She told me the topic that I can be questioned on and told me that I had the qualification so there were no problems. It was nothing like a surprise. The service was great that creates a smooth process.

How did you manage to land the role?

I think it is important to be truthful about your experience and prepare everything in advance. The interviewer had the same passion as me – running, and so we had a common ground to chat after the formal interview. It was 10 minutes of smooth communication.

Would you use or recommend our services again in the future?

Absolutely, I have already recommended it to my friends and a few of them have sent their application, hopefully they can land the role!

Is there anything else you would like us to improve in the future?

No, the experience has been great and keep doing a great work!

Are you a student looking for an internship?

Are you looking for a full-time position?

Australiance Talent is a consulting and talent acquisition firm that enables international companies and professionals to realize their potential in the Asia Pacific. 

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