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An alumna of University of Melbourne, now Jennis serves as a Marketing Co-ordinator at Envirosuite. The current title was earned by her substantial effort of achieving work experience while studying. Read below for her inspiring story of transitioning from an international student to a young professional in Australia.

Could you please share about the time when you were seeking jobs after graduation?

It’s always difficult for a fresh graduate to secure a job, not to mention the global pandemic back then which made things even more challenging. Before getting the internship at Envirosuite, I had literally applied for more than 120 jobs. I remember putting a lot of hard work into the process by customizing all resumes and cover letters.


I was doing some self-learning simultaneously while sending out job applications. Even though most of my background is media and communications, it was still difficult to transfer the skills and experience as my work experience was not local. Hence, I decided to enhance my portfolio and add up necessary skills by taking online marketing courses.

How did you manage to secure the internship?


I came across this job post and was immediately interested (well, paid internships are not everywhere in Australia). I applied through Australiance and luckily I met Pooja who helped me a lot. During the process, I had her frequent support in providing information about working rights and tips on interviews which were super useful. The whole process only took me two weeks to receive the offer and start kicking off the 6-month internship.

How have you enjoyed working as an intern?

Previously, I’ve done a lot of internships, part-time, and casual jobs, but my internship at Envirosuite was totally different. I know that a lot of students misunderstand or fear that the interns will end up making coffee or doing printing instead of doing something huge and impactful. The reality is not that pessimistic, however. During six months, I was involved in various tasks: campaign management, content creation, publication, advertisement, webinar organization, and social media planning. The overall experience was satisfying. What is even greater is Pooja’s frequent checkup to make sure I was enjoying my internship. My company also provided feedback to Pooja, so it’s like a mutual communication that helps make the most out of the internship. I really appreciate that!

And how could you transition into a full-time role after that?

One month before my internship terminated, they offered me a full-time permanent role as Marketing Coordinator. I would say there isn’t any secret or formula or shortcut to convert an internship. It’s all about checking whether you and the company match. During the 6 months, I pretty much enjoyed their vision and culture, especially their marketing function which I found impressive. They might have the same idea so that’s why they wanted to see me more after 6 months (laughing).

Any words of wisdom for students and fresh graduates out there who are seeking employment?

Please don’t stop learning even when you graduate. Work on self-assessment, define the skill set you lack, and do some learning. Second, a good attitude is always the key. Finally, don’t ever think it’s just an internship. You’re welcome to contribute to the meeting and discussion. Put yourself in the company’s shoes and you’ll find out how you could try to fit in and deliver your values to them. Good luck!

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