The job-hunting advice for students and fresh graduates in 2021



Preparing for a career and landing a job after (or even before) graduation can be daunting. For most young people, the top employment challenges lie in not knowing which companies are hiring, what recruiters are looking for, and how to navigate the job search. In this time of uncertainty, it has never been more important to master the job application process and get job-ready with essential skills. 

We’ve picked out the best career advice from the webinar “From Student to Employee: How to enhance employability” hosted by Australiance, most of which pan out in the real world that hopefully helps you identify your job-hunting strategy and get started on landing on your dream job!

  1. When applying for jobs, make sure you apply for suitable positions, otherwise, your self-confidence will be negatively impacted. Also, tailoring your resume is indeed a must-do, but remember to keep track of different resumes you have used and note down the companies you have applied to.

  2. About to start job-hunting? You should prepare a professionally polished voice message in case of missed calls. You should try to view each unexpected call as an exciting opportunity if you’re applying for new positions. Who knows if recruiters can form a positive first impression about you from the voicemail greeting?

  3. Stand out from the crowd by reaching out to the hiring manager of the company you would like to work for. Show your passion for the role and the organisation by simply sending them a short email or a LinkedIn message. However, give them some time after you submit your application, preferably after at least one week.

  4. To the interns: Don’t ever think you are just an intern. You’re making an impact on the company and you’re contributing more than you think. Be considerate and evaluate the match between your personality and the company you work for in the event of transitioning from the internship to a full-time position.

  5. During a job interview, be honest and passionate. It’s not all about your knowledge, but the enthusiasm that you bring to the company counts as well! Take notes after every interview to recap and learn from the mistake(s) you may have made in the interviews.

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In the Q&A session, we received many questions from the attendees, some of which were not fully answered due to the shortage of time. So here go the most common questions from students and fresh graduates:

Q: What should I do if I have no experience? What should I put on my resume if I have no prior experience for the required job?

A: University projects or volunteer work count. Show your knowledge in the field by putting in your class project(s) that is relevant to the job. Volunteer work or extracurricular activities at student organisations could also demonstrate your skill set.

Q: Do unpaid internships have less value than paid ones?

A: No, they don’t. No matter the duration or role, the key aspect of all internships is what you’ve learnt, the skills you’ve developed and the confidence you’ve gained in the role. You can develop this through any paid or unpaid work as it is the experience that matters the most.

Q: Is there a difference in the application process for NGO, government organisations and businesses?

A: Some government organisations or NGOs may require you to show certificates, conduct police checks before undergoing the recruitment process. It’s very dependent on the organisation itself.

Q: When applying for jobs, should we mention international experience?

A: Totally yes. Any experience mentioned gains credibility. Show your understanding and hands-on experience within your role. Mention the country and any task you did. 

Q: What are the jobs offered and what’ll happen when I apply for an Expression of Interest (EOI?

A: As a recruiter, we flag recruitment needs and allocate you into the talent pool based on your application. Hence, keep putting in your details and sign up so that we can easily contact you when an opportunity comes to us and you might be a potential candidate!

Q: Does Australiance charge candidates to place them in particular jobs?

A: Absolutely no! All services are free.  We also offer free resources on our website.

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