How can you use technology to help your business grow globally?



Startup&Angels Online Event #11 – How to leverage technology to grow your startup internationally


On Wednesday 11, August, 2021 Startup&Angels organised an online event. It turned out to be a marvellous afternoon filled with great advice from our speakers and some interesting conversations in our newly introduced breakout rooms.   

The theme and focus was on helping startups use technology to grow their business globally. It came at a perfect time where Covid-19 has restricted movement all over the world,  technology is how the world has adapted to this new normal of our lives transitioning to everything online. More than 40 people joined us online from eight different countries. Our attendees consisted mostly of startup enthusiasts and startup business owners who wanted to take their startups to the next level. 

The event started with a great introduction by Leo Denes, Co- Founder of Startup&Angels. Who graciously handed the reign to our event Moderator, Cynthia Dearin founder of  Dearin and Associates.  Cynthia brough the event to life and started the event with a panel discussion introducing our speakers . Chris Horn (VP APAC ISV) Salesforce AppExchange, Fred Viet (ANZ Sales Director)  Aircall, Phil De Winter (Director of  Partnerships) Airwallex, David Knenney (Startmate Mentor and Investor) Hall Chadwick.


Panel discussions and Advice from the experts


Our speakers are international experts in digitalisation and scale-ups which have grown thanks to amazing technology tools and strategies. The panel addressed the questions of things to be aware of when expanding globally and shared their personal experiences with our attendees. Speakers brought authenticity to the event by sharing personal stories about the lessons they learnt while taking their companies global. 


All speakers admitted that lack of focus and strategy can be the biggest mistake when taking your business global. One of our speakers Chris Horn VP, Salesforce Appexchange emphasized on the fact that  assumptions should not be made when moving to a new market. Initial market testing is important and imperative. David Kenney Mentor and  Investor, Hall Chadwick gave the attendees an insight into all the essentials needed when expanding globally. He discussed top things to keep in mind, Including change of currency, taxes, local employees, prices and much more. Fred Viet, ANZ Sales Director, Aircall enlightened our attendees by highlighting the need to use the right framework and tech pack for your company when expanding your business. Philip de Winter, Director of Partnerships, Airwallex shared a personal story about his experience that made him realise the importance of using the right technology for your business when opening a bank account in a new market. He said, “ if you open the right account and use the correct banking infrastructure it can help you save money and have a seamless experience. 


Breakout Rooms and Business Advice for attendees


The event progressed to the breakout rooms where the attendees had the opportunity to introduce themselves, discuss their businesses and get expert advice from the speakers on challenges their startups are currently facing. 



Thank you to our sponsors


A heartfelt  thank you to our sponsors OVH cloud, Aircall, Fundsquire, Hall Chadwick, Salesforce appexchange and Pledge1% without whose support these events would not have been possible.



For More insights on how to use technology to aid your business watch the full event

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