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Startups have been dealing with shifting funding trends since the tumultuous 2020. In the post-Covid-19 time, it is critical for them to understand what to expect to seek investment in business ventures. In the very first webinar of 2021, we had serial entrepreneur Matthew Browne from Black Nova Group (Sydney) and Andy Le Roux from Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center (USA) sharing their views about funding trends in the USA and Australia. Comprehensive insights into the current startup ecosystem and valuable opportunities to connect with potential experts are brought to the table. 

Andy helped us understand clearly how to raise funds in the US, which is a very heavy and long process. He also warned that since 2018, it’s even getting harder for early-stage startups to raise as investors are looking at scale-ups mainly… On the Australian side, Matt talked about a good seed and pre-seed focus which is more encouraging for early-stage founders!

Our panel also discussed the remote disruption in fundraising, with US VCs accepting and opening more and more to foreign companies through digital meetings and process flows. Matt also mentioned a recent “propensity of US investors to invest in Australia” which is a great news for the ecosystem. The pandemic has seen a “sophistication of the Australian ecosystem” with a better maturity of programs, accelerators and investors, diversifying to early-stage startup.

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