The Cultural Specificities of the Australian Job Market



Our Founder, Leo Denes and our Director of Australiance Talent, Pooja Nair had the opportunity to present at the Emlyon Business School’s Employability World Tour in April. This webinar was created in order to provide deep insight into the job market and employment specificities in Australia. 

The way Australians conduct and approach job interviews is quite different from an international perspective. The highlights from our speakers in this section will concern Australian Resumes and Interviews in Australia.

Emlyon Business School Employability World Tour Webinar

How to Nail the Perfect Australian Resume

Australian resumes are expected to be 2 pages in length that showcases and explains your most recent and relevant work experiences, at 3 pages maximum. It is imperative to link your profile onto your resume and continuously update it. In this day and age, LinkedIn has become a main source of talent acquisition and primary point of contact between employers and job seekers. In the same way, avoid using profile pictures on your resume, this can also be found on your LinkedIn profile. 

Ensure that you have an awards/achievements and skill section on your resume, showcase these achievements with metrics. Employers will always assess the extra mile job seekers take in their extracurricular activities and merits, in many cases it is the determining factor when two candidates have very similar work experience and skills.

The Pathway to Succeed in Australian Interviews

It’s no secret that one of the most essential aspects of attending any interview is to arrive on time. It is recommended to arrive 10 minutes before your interview so you may have an opportunity to calm your nerves and relax. 

Australian interviews can be a long process consisting of 2-3 different interview rounds such as: a phone screening to obtain basic information; a video interview with a hiring manager or reporting manager; and a business case study presentation about yourself, the company and the position. This is usually either face to face or online through a video call. A background check, police check and reference checks are usually conducted, extending the interview process even further. 

Make sure you do your research about the company, job and role specifications. Understand as much as possible and prepare your questions for the interview. This shows the company that you are proactive and genuinely interested in the position. In the same way, hiring officers value humblenesshonesty and transparency the most. Being honest about your areas of improvement and how you are working on overcoming your weaknesses, is much more appreciated than a “fake it till you make it” approach. 

Overselling yourself may come off as arrogant at times and will do more to reduce your chances at success. However, to increase your chances it is recommended to follow the STAR model to answer questions: Situation, Task, Action & Result. Following this model will help you formulate clear and concise answers that the interviewer is looking for.

Source: Career Centre – Hampden Sydney College

Dress to impress. Australian employers expect applicants to arrive dressed in either formal or smart casual attire. Do not wear jeans, t-shirts or sneakers to your interviews. In the same way, always carry a pen and a notebook with you. Ask your interviewers questions and write down their answers, this shows you really value their responses. 

Interviews in Australia are not as daunting as they appear to be. When you’re invited to an interview, employers approve of the skills and experience in your resume and want to take the conversation one step further. Be confident and be punctual. When all is said and done, be the best version of you that you can be- and you will succeed.

Understand the cultural differences in Australia? Click the link below for the best advice to find your perfect job in Australia!

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